Center for International Youth Exchange



The Center for International Youth Exchange (CENTERYE) was established on 21 April 1994 with the goal of promoting international exchanges among youths and contributing to the nurturing of youths who can play an integral role in an increasingly global society. Activities include the implementation of its own international youth exchange programs, working with the Cabinet Office, in carrying out their international youth exchange programs, encouraging the creation of networks among youths who participate in the aforementioned programs, providing information on international youth exchange and supporting youths in international youth exchange activities.

Program Activities

  • Planning, implementation and/or cooperation in holding international youth exchange programs
  • Raising awareness and conducting training for international youth exchange
  • Publishing documents concerning international youth exchange
  • Gathering information and conducting studies and research on international youth exchange
  • Supporting and consulting-related activities for international youth exchanges
  • Carrying out programs to achieve other objectives of CENTERYE

Affiliation with the IYEO

CENTERYE has a close working alliance with the International Youth Exchange Organization of Japan (IYEO), the entity which conducts post-program activities for former participants (alumni) of international exchange programs of the Cabinet Office and other agencies, delegating the IYEO board members and the prefectural IYEO presidents as CENTERYE’s Promotion Committee Members. CENTERYE and IYEO nurture youth leaders by providing opportunities for international exchanges and contributing to local communities.

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